Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When should I log on to Z-Bay?


A: Log in about 10 minutes before the start time of the trip you want to bid on.


Q: What if the server isn't working or the program isn't working right?


A: Z-Bay will be postponed and rescheduled.


Q: How many points do I have?


A: Please see your Z-Bay Account Statement. If you do not have it, please see Scott Morgan.


Q: I donít know how to use Z-Bay!


A: Read This (Click Here)


Q: What are the trips?


A: Click on "See the trips"


Q: Is this (insert whatever) included in the trip?


A: Most of the highlights I wrote down on the main page with the trips. If you have a legitimate concern contact Scott Morgan. All trips at least include hotel, and are for 2 people. Other things vary by trip. 


Q: What time are you going by for the bidding?


A: The time is now set by the server. It should be updating live on your computer. Everyone now knows the exact time. Remember it is in Military time XXHours XXMinutes XXSeconds.


Q: I think I won the trip! How come my name and final bid doesnít show up?


A: You must have bid slightly after the time limit. Sorry.


Q: How come I can't bid on trips yet?


A: You can gain Z-Bay points by doing things. Usually they are rewards for hard work, years of satisfactory service, hiring bonuses, working out, and overtime. You are eligible for Z-Bay after your 90-day interim period.


Q: I thought I had more Z-Bay points than that!


A: If there are descrepincies please see Scott Morgan.


Created: 2-16-06 ammended 2-19-10 and updated again 2/24/12